Boardman SLR opinions

I may have an opportunity to get a new bike, but only through the cycle to work scheme for Halfords, which means only Boardman SLR 8.9 or 9.6 where I’d much rather an Emonda ALR.

I don’t ride outside much and when I do it’s on my own, so mostly for hill climbing 1-2h rides in Summer.

Get the Boardman, sell it new and then use the funds to buy the Emonda. :thinking:

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Not an option for me.

I usually get the bike I like the look of, but neither are inspiring.

The 8.9 is 105 so nothing special, electronic shifting on the 9.6 would be new to me and the paint job looks a bit more pro.

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I’d definitely defer to the 9.6 but then swap out the bars and maybe the stem.

The shape of those drops are a tell that they aren’t very good bars.

Boardman bikes are good. I’ve had a few over the years and looking at the ADV9.4 for a Road/Gravel rig.
The 9.6 does look good but have you considered Vitus bikes at all? The Vitesse Evo also looks good.

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I can only use Halfords which means only those two roadies.

They do have the ADV 9.4 but I’ve never used a gravel bike.

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You should be able to shop at Tredz as they are part of Halfords. Happy browsing!


Specialised is the only mechanical groupset. Presumably the others are cutting back something else to include electronic.

This would be simple if only there were a red one, because they go faster.


I think it’s all in the wheels… the Scott and the BMC have 25mm alloy wheels that are around 1700/1800g or more. The Boardman has 45mm high carbon wheels that are closer to 1600g.

Also, the Scott and the Merida have fully internal cable routing thorugh the headset. Not a problem if you have a friendly local bike shop, but if you were planning on changing the bar height or bars yourself it coumd be a bit complex.

If you don’t already have decent disc brake wheels, the Boardman 9.6 actually looks pretty good, especially if you prefer shimano gearing