Emonda SL or SLR

Hi All,

I am in the market for an N+1 as a new race bike and I somewhat decided on an Emonda due to sizing reasons (and I like the look).
I am either looking to get an SL6 and upgrade the wheels right away or should I go with the SLR6 . It gets hard for me to justify paying 6.5k € for it just to safe 500g on the frame but then again biking is the only thing I do.
Background : I am 182cm at round about 69kg with an FTP of 340-350w currently . More of a TT kind of effort rider than anything.
Would you take the SLR over the SL Model for the 3k (- wheel upgrade) price difference ?

I have an older SL and while I love it, if I was going for a new model it would 100% be the SLR. It’s not just saving weight but adding stiffness, my FTP is around 330 and I weigh closer to 80kg and the bike at times doesn’t feel very stiff, not really when im out of the saddle or anything but more-so when I’m sitting and putting out something like 400w on a climb, not sure if this is more of the frame or the wheels but its definitely there. In other scenarios I find the SL to be just fine, and its very compliant, but the back end at least on my older bike can be a little wiggly/squishy at times.

I would always prioritize the frame over components, because you can upgrade components but you can’t upgrade the frame, so if the budget allows it, I would go SLR all day. The wheels on the SLR are actually very decent, there are several folks here running them aftermarket, and Jeff Linder from Norcal Cycling youtube channel bought the older version, the Aeolus Pro 5, for his crit bike.

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If you can afford it go for the SLR. I’ve got a Madone SLR and it just feel special every time I ride it. The integrated bar/stem on the SLR Emonda look awesome, way better then standard stuff. It will also cure any upgradeitis you might have, nothing on the bike can be upgraded because it’s all integrated and top-shelf anyway.

That’s a tough one.

These days the stiffness between higher and lower frames are more or less equivalent. You just get a lighter frame with higher modulus carbon (exception being something like the Aethos).

That being said, I have a newer Emonda SL as a travel bike that I keep at my mom’s house and I wouldn’t describe it as stiff. It’s not noodly and overall it’s a pleasant bike to ride, but I’m always happy to get back to my Tarmac at home for properly hard efforts.

I’m about the same weight/FTP as you.

If you are set on the Emonda, I’d spring for the SLR. It really is a great looking bike.

Thank you guys for the insight . I may just hold off then until I see a good deal on an SLR

I’ve got a 2017 Emonda SL5, I can put out VOmax efforts of about 390 watts and I weigh 90 kilos. I don’t think I can notice any lack of stiffness. I have some really strong aftermarket wheels, with 32 spokes rear and 28 front, because I was tired of having to true the wheels every few months. It might be the wheels in your case? Or maybe I am just not perceptive enough to notice the lack of stiffness.