Blood Tests for Athletes

Hi All,
Wellness Dr. appointment is coming up and I want to take advantage of the opportunity to maybe run some tests that are outside the normal screening, specifically for someone with a high load of physical activity.

So far I have:

  • DEXA scan
  • Iron levels

For reference, I feel great and don’t have any health concerns.

What else could I be missing? What experiences do you have in this regard?


Is there something specifically you are worried about? Testing for testings sake doesn’t make any sense.

On Iron Level testing; before doing this listen to the Sigma Nutrition Podcast 3-part series on iron. It goes into the problems with iron testing, especially for athletes.

No, but since I don’t go to the doctor often wanted to take the opportunity IF there’s something worth checking.

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Go to Sigma Nutrition and listen to episodes 465, 466, and 467 - or at least 465. In episode 465 they go into all of the issues with testing Iron in endurance athletes if you don’t know what you are doing, and how complex it is to test for iron deficiency in endurance athletes.

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Will check. Thanks!. In the meantime, I guess I keep eating my liver.

This article only strengthens my point: one of blood testing for athletes is useless. And the article makes the point that standard clinical ranges have limited value for athletes.