Bkool pro calibration issues

Hello everyone,

I was riding outside with a mate yesterday morning. We have approximately the same level, we are in the 1st group of our road cycling club, yet our ftp is completely different, mine is around 170 watts his around 285 watts. By the way our weight is similar… We don’t have the same equipment, I have an old Bkool smart pro and he has a Kickr Core. I just discovered there are many issues of power calibration with Bkool smart trainers. How can I make my FTP more accurate on TrainerRoad, knowing I have an FTP Ramp test in two days.

Assuming that you follow the Bkool setup and calibration procedure, there’s not much more you can do. It happens to be a trainer with know issues of reporting power that is not accurate compared to regular power meters.

It is similar to the issues present in many low to mid level smart trainers, that are frequently shown to give inaccurate power data. The only real solution is a different trainer or separate power meter.

That said, if you are using it for training purpose with consistent setup, the bad data is not hurting you. You just have a “tape measure” that gives data that is not directly comparable to other devices or people’s data from other sources.

The only time this would be a real issue is using it for things like Zwift, that use the power data for your propulsion in the virtual worlds.

The worst thing about the bkool is not being innacurate, it’s that the power measurements are inconsistent. I had the chance to test one unit for several months and was very disappointed. I’d love to support the company since they are from my country, but I just can’t.

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Honestly, I’ve never heard anything good about them. There are better choices for the same money.

I also dislike their gravity based roller tension and believe that is at least partly to blame for the lack of consistency.

Unfortunately I bought it in 2017…
When It was supposed to be a killing machine.

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I have similar issues. FTP around 170 and people at the same level in my club with FTPs over 200. I just do not trust the FTP values but at least I would expect to be consistent, which is not.

Today doing Galena +1 (3x20 intervals just bellow FTP), the first inteval felt like always: hard but bearable. The second one was completely imposible to finish so I was forced to lower the intensity by 15% (!). The third interval felt like the first one, hard but bearable. I have no idea why this happens but would really want a solution.