Tacx neo 2 It’s too hard to pedal


I have a question I recently went from bkool smart pro to a tacx neo 2 but I feel the resistance is way to hard to pedal. Does anybody know why. I already download the app and update the software but still is super hard to pedal.

Have you retested your FTP with the new trainer, or are you using an FTP from the BKool?

If the trainer is your primary power data source, you need to retest any time you change that device.


No, i didn’t change or retake the FTP do you think that could be the problem

Based on what I have seen on BKool trainers, I’d bet good money on that giving poor (and over estimated power).

So yes, I think the two trainers will not match. Retest as soon as it’s convenient and my gut says your new Neo FTP will be lower.

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Ok but changing the FTP will reduce the resistance a little bit? I feel this one I have to push harder that ever

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Yes. Your BKool is probably being generous with the power you are using. So it may report, for argument’s sake, 250W, but the Neo 2 may be saying 200W. So if you try to do 250W on the Neo, it would be like trying to do 300W on the BKool.

Yes, is the answer, and you should retest to get the proper training zones.