Birling and the death of my legs... Plus watts inbetween intervals

I did Birling -3 today for the first time!
I died cus I went in way too hot!

What’s your expectations of this type of workout? Do you die everytime?
PS I did do this workout after 4 x 10 min sweetspot.


816, 788, 639, 696… Then i explode.

After the last intervals I couldn’t turn more than 30 watts and I laid down on the floor feet up in agony :joy::joy::joy:

Another question… Is the rest period watts really that important? I’ve been on TR for a bit, my watts keeps going up despite I just noodle around 80-90 watts instead of doing the prescribed watts. Am I missing out (FOMO) on small marginal gains?

The sprints in Birling should be all-out efforts, aim to hold the highest power that you can through each of the sprints and repeat it each sprint. It takes some trial and error to figure out what those numbers are if this is new, I did a series of these before starting SSBII… each one took everything I had out of me, rest, and repeat.

Also you can check Coach Chad’s comments here:

From my experience:

  • I wouldn’t do that after sweet spot work. I’m not a coach, but I feel like fresh legs are what’s needed to get the most out of workouts like this.
  • The last seconds of EACH sprint had me yelling out in agony.
  • By the 3rd sprint, I probably could puke (thanks chad for the timely text relating to exactly that)
  • Done right, these workouts really put the hurt on you.

Regarding rest periods, it’s been mentioned many times on the podcast that the watts “usually” aren’t as important there and you should focus on keeping things moving. Usually nothing to be gained from pushing higher watts during those rest periods (other than obviously when you’re asked to hold high watts between VO2 efforts etc)

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When they are true rest intervals (zone 1, 40-50% FTP stuff) then no it doesn’t matter much if at all. If the “rest” interval is higher or in more aerobic type workouts than I’d say yes the % is intentional.


Lying down with feet up in agony has been observed here as well. I think it means you did it just right.

As far as watts between intervals, as long as you’re spinning, don’t worry about it.

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Nice! I wonder doing 20 sec will increase peak power.
Anyone ever done this standing?