BIKE THONG & why you need one

I am a salty sweat-er.
After a conversation with my race mechanic husband and hearing about him having to take apart headsets & bearings damaged from sweat, I decided to buy one…
Apparently, sweat can eat through the coating on the bike frame also…20181209_163528 20181209_195434

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Tacx also has a nice frame protector: it has a pocket for a phone, so it is perfect for trainerroad users.

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Have used one for years. Worth it. Just wash it in a bag so the velcro does not tear things up.

They cost more than a towel though, and you can’t lift it up to mop your brow every once in a while. Towel 2 - 0 Thong


Wash & service your bike regularly and you don’t have to sit on it with a silly thong :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Delivered in 7 days to Canada.

This title is misleading… and I was additionally almost scared to scroll down and see the pics!


Imo the best setup is a thong and also a small towel.


That’s what I prefer to wear to the beach.


Currently using a Tacx thong without the mobile pouch (phone on Garmin out front mount) and a hand towel. Don’t forget, if your sweating that much onto your bike, you really need to sort your fan situation out.


Bike-kini is what you want.



I’ve got this one off Aliexpress - Can’t fault it, does the job. I have a towel on my bars too as the sweat just runs down my arms.

Always know where your towel is


I have two fans going, not industrial, and my eyes are drying out… I wear contact lenses so I might resort to eyewear, indoors. I train late at night so I don’t want to get larger fans.
I’m a salty sweat-er, so I’m taking precautions.
The husband’s a race mechanic, and he’s had to deal with some sad situations.

Towels are washable (60°C).
I need 2-4 towels (40x70 cm) per session (2-3 hour)

Towel 5 : 0 Thong


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I have found that a towel and a set of old fashioned sweat bands on wrists and a head band both made from toweling works perfectly well. All can be machine washed when required and really reduce the sweat build up on the bike. Also super cheap which is a novility for cycling.

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I really only opened this thread because it had the word THONG in it.



I have a towel over my entire top tube, safety pinned under the stem and around the seatpost. Two more towels are draped over my bars. They’re regularly washed, cheap, and cover 2x the real estate of my bike vs some thong thing.

Towel 6 : 0 Thong

I roll the rubber covers on my hoods forward, then place one of those thin breathable shirts on the bars and into the hoods, and then roll the rubber sleeves back into place to “lock it in”. Covers WAY more than the thong

Towel for me too.

I bought these on Amazon, work great and have held up all year with ease:

Amazon Towel 12 Pack