Bike Room Fumes

Way out there question, but… Bike room - where high respiration rates happen - shares a corner of the basement with the sump pump, which has a battery backup. I’ve removed the flooded lead acid battery from the system. Good bit of support for not breathing in fumes from that unit, especially if it’s over charged. Any battery experts aware of the safety or lack thereof from an AGM type battery? Unit sits about 2 metres from my trainer position. Storm season approaches. Thanks for any insights

Fumes from a lead-acid battery normally should be mostly harmless hydrogen and oxygen. You can also get SOx, which is good for simulating races in LA or Mexico City, especially if you add an ozone generator. If it’s overcharging you can get H2S, which is super toxic (not to mention stinky).

AGM batteries are sealed and don’t vent at all unless they fail. I’m using the BW-27AGM from Basement Watchdog. Should be a better solution fume-wise, though training in a basement near a wet sump I’d actually be more concerned about mold than battery fumes.

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Thanks! And yes, the mold question lurks just below the surface (of the basement floor)…

Not the fumes I thought were going to be discussed. :grin:

Thought it might be thread for bonding among spouses that need to share the space.


Bahahaha :joy:, me too! And I jumped right in to see what recommendations there might be for “clearing the air”.