Bike Mechanics In Germany

Hi all, I am new to this forum, I am a northeast UK based newbie to the cycling community. I have always had a keen interest in mountain biking but I have family and friends who are keen road cyclists and time trialists. That’s just to give a bit of background on myself. I am always looking for hints, tips and advice to get started and will be frequenting the forum to reach out to the experts.

I have recently joined an e-bike manufacturer and have been tasked with finding bike mechanics mid-level and senior. The snag is, they are based in Berlin and Stuttgart in Germany and I’ll be honest, I was at a bit of a loss of where to begin and where to look. I have reached out to a couple of places but had no joy yet. Do you guys have any suggestions of communities, forums, colleges or even clubs to try and find people? The jobs are interesting and if you love bikes, it could be the start of a good career for someone you may know.

Any help and advice would be much appreciated.

Lewis :slight_smile:

Freiburg RIG.

Maybe Facebook groups “Rennrad Stuttgart” and “MTB-Stuttgart”

I can’t help you specifically with precise advice. However, as far as I know bike mechanic is actually a trade in Germany, so I would try the local trade schools. (Your employer should know this, so I don’t know of how much use this will be). With trades you can be an apprentice (= not what you are looking for), then after graduation you are a craftsman, then the next level is Meister (master craftsman). If you want to own your own business in the trade and have apprentices, you must have a master.