Bike Insights (geometry comparing website)

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Has anyone seen this yet? You can lose a lot of time on this site…

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Cool site based on a quick look.
Thanks for the link. :smiley:

Resurrecting an old thread, apparently. I just stumbled across the site in the OP ( and have found it really useful for visualizing the different geometries between two frames. I had been using, which is good for comparing more than two geometries, but only provides it in tabular format. I’m a visual person and the graphics are helping me narrow which bikes to test ride.

What other sites do you use when researching bikes, including bike reviews that you trust?

As a quick background, my current bike is 1-2 sizes too big. I’ve been professionally fit and dialed it in as best we can. I also recently got a frame finder fit, which indicated I prefer a slightly more aggressive / race fit even though I only ride road fondos and centuries. Since I only have this one bike I am looking at a full range of geometries and brands, and am trying to narrow my search before I test ride a bunch of bikes. Thanks!