A long shot geometry question

I don’t suppose anyone know/has access to the stack and reach figures for the Wilier Superleggera Ramato? https://wilier.com/en/my2021/int/endurance-bikes/road-bikes/superleggera

Inexplicably, they’re not provided by Wilier, and their customer service team seem unable to answer email…

should be able to plug known frame numbers in here and it should correct and show the stack and reach


Great link. I’m struggling with it, but will persevere!

This one is simpler if not as full-featured


Also, https://geometrygeeks.bike/ might have the fuller info, (but lacks graphics).

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Thanks Chad, but no luck - that was my first thought!

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Not sure if you’re aware, but GCN recently posted a video on that very bike:

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