Bike fitter recommendation Sacramento area

Hi All, can anyone recommend a bike fitter in the Sacramento area. Time for a new ride and I want to do it right. Been riding 2005 lightspeed tuscany but overdo coming to the modern age. I have some biomechanical issues, so need a thoughtful fitter.

I got mine four years ago from UC Davis
Sports Performance. Can’t remember his name but he is the head coach of UCD collegiate team (and when they were winning nationals recently). Only have three fit done but he was the most old school and hands on. B&L in Davis and Chain Reaction in Redwood city was the other two but that was done in the late 80s. Surprisingly the old bike setup was still applicable after a 30 hiatus but pickup an leg imbalance that I couldn’t get right translating the fit to a new bike and need that third eye.

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Seconding this question, as also in Sacramento!

I have had fittings done at the UC Davis sports center (mentioned above), as well as Athleticamps ( in Folsom. I think the fittings were about 7 or 8 years apart, and ended up with somewhat different positions. I see fitting as part science, part art, so I think you can get slightly different fits with neither being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. I think either of these places would be good places to go for a fitting.

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I’ve used Joule Cycling (Tim Bolton) in Land Park. Great guy and a very comprehensive fitting. It’s been a couple of years since I last had my fitting with him and I’d like to reevaluate it due to my increased fitness. I’ll definitely use Tim again for that service.

Joule Cycling

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