Bike fit issue: deltoid pain?

I’m currently searching for a fitter in my area and thought I would see if anyone here could help.

Here is a pick of me on my bike. I’m about 6’1” and the bike is a Spec Tarmac in size 58.
My fit issue is mostly pain on the outside of the upper arm/deltoid that starts after about an hour of riding.
The stem is 12 degree rise 100mm set as high as it can on an uncut steerer tube. I’ve tried stems from 80-110 mm mounted in different configuration’s.

Any ideas on bike fit to address the deltoid pain?

Can you get a picture of yourself on the bike after you’ve been riding for at least 30 minutes and are settled into your natural position? The picture above in sandals and with a foot on the ground is not going to replicate how you’re supporting yourself while riding. Likewise, a picture of you right after you hop onto the bike will be unnaturally stiff and not how you actually ride

Recommend using MyVeloFit. Also, measure the width of your shoulders and compare that to your bar width.

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I look at your picture and read deltoid being shoulder area. I dont quite get how much weight would be on your deltoid in the position you show.

Is this the position you ride in?
I ride on the drops and more pressure on my hands. My issue with my hands meant I needed a stronger core.
I have also had various other issues but none were really fit related. They were all body related. I needed stretching, strengthening etc. Some of my own problems were how I was sitting and using the phone or keyboard when working from home. In essence I overused/misused various muscles.

That’s my riding position as close as I can get while sitting still. This was taken just after a 30 mile ride and the pain was definitely there.
Stretching while riding seems to help for a short period of time. I will definitely check out the bike fit site mentioned above.

I’m getting deltoid pain as well and never thought to look to but fit

Did you eventually get this sorted?

I’m dealing with a similar pain but only on my left deltoid and only one of my bikes (ironically the one bike that I had fitted). I’ve got no pain on my other bike regardless of distance. Both bikes are road bikes with similar fits, but the one I’ve experiencing pain on has a slightly shorter (~1 cm) reach at the hoods since the groupset is different and the lever shape is different.

I am a little confused on how you guys are activating your deltoids while riding. The deltoid muscle is used for lifting over your head, out front or to the sides. I just cannot imagine how you are engaging it to the point of fatigue while riding. Traps absolutely, back and neck of course, but deltoid?

I imagine the reach on the OP’s bike is too long. I am 6’1" with a 80.5 cm saddle height and ride a 56 SL7 with a -7 degree 110mm stem. I supposed having to support your upper body with outstretched arms is what is activating your deltoid.

The shorter stem you mention has helped me as well, but if I am not stretching a bit before and during a ride the pain will come back after a few hours. My gravel bike is slightly larger fit, but higher stem, and I do not have the same pain issue while riding.