Anyone dealt with thoracic scoliosis?

Basically it’s an abnormality in the spine which causes uneven shoulders and everything slopes to the right.

Since I’ve started cycling three years ago it has routinely caused extreme pain in the left shoulder blade. Given that’s how I naturally slant that’s where all the pain ends up going. The right side is never an issue. Really makes going on rides over an hour very difficult. This is not an issue when I do anything else so it’s clearly cycling related.

I’ve tried literally everything to fix it. Very through/expensive bike fit, core work, strengthening, physio, time off etc and yet the problem persists.

Not really sure what else to do at this point and might have to accept the fact that my shoulders/spine may simply not be structured in a manner that is fit for cycling and the stress it places on that part of the body.

Anyone who has experienced anything similar and has any suggestions it would certainly be appreciated thanks :slight_smile:

My wife has the same. She does core work but the bottom line is that she is thankful for any riding that she can do. She has done some 3 hour rides but pays for it for the next couple of days. She uses TR on the 3-day per week plan.

Yeah after a three hour ride it’s pretty brutal pain :frowning:

Bummer man, sorry to hear. I don’t have that exact problem, I’ve had two discectomies and a fusion. So I can commiserate with back pain at least.

I’m wondering if in your specific situation if there is a way to get specific bars made? Would this help adjust your bike to your specific needs?

Not sure about that but aero bars might be worth a try on my road bike.