Bike bag that you can keep bars on

As an avid listener (catching up) on the pod cast I’m sure a bike bag/box was mentioned that peaked my interest. Only because you literally only have to take the wheels off.

Typically I now can’t find the pod cast and also can’t find the product it could be available in the US only.

Can anyone help.

Scicon has one where you leave the bars on.

Also, the code “BLACK50” is 50% off right now because some of the bags are expensive.

That could be it.
Does it say how ling the code is valid? I’m in the US at the beginning of December

This is the podcast.

And this is the bag.

That’s the one. Thank you.

I’ve got the Elite Borson, which I could definitely recommend as well.

I got myself these couple of months back. Super easy to use and fits disc brake bikes. your bars may need to be lowered down if your stem is 120mm and longer. Only requires removal of wheels and lowering of seat post

Super expensive but its worth every penny. Zero worries when flying with the bike (the box has been on 3 diff flights).

It looks like that case would work with drop bars, but sdo aero bars fit? Some tri bikes can’t rotate the bars that far around.

Either way, that is is a neat case.

the reference was to the NEW EVOC PRO bag. this has only been released in the past few weeks so stock is sparse to say the least (i have been looking).