Big power drop after rest day

Hey does anyone experience big power drop for the same hr after rest day i.e. if produce 360w @163bpm after a rest day for same hr my power drops to like 300w…And i have tested this many times , after rest day i am feeling like s*it…And i can`t regain power for a long time…And also i seem to be getting better if i ride without complete rest day but with ocasional recovery rides of 1-2hours…Would apreciate if someone could help…Cheers !!!

Atm, I feel I have the same problem :stuck_out_tongue: Thursdays & Sundays are my rest days.

  • Monday - Endurance
  • Tuesday - VO2
  • Wednesday - Threshold
  • Friday - Over Unders <---- I feel weak here after the rest day, I feel I can manage the workout on another day. ( - TrainerRoad ) I had to lower the intensity.
  • Saturday - SweetSpot

Maybe I need to switch out the vo2 to Friday cause I feel those are a bit easier to manage. Im in SSBMVII

What do you guys think?

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I think one should be careful about comparing heart rate/watts to much. I know I have done that myself. When you get fatigued after riding hard for days your heart rate will drop, that doesn’t really mean you are any better.
I have had the same problem like you do and I solved by doing one hour zone 1 on my rest and recovery days which was every Monday and Friday. But nowadays I am more confident in myself and know my body better so I don’t have to ride every day, actually I had a great training session this Tuesday after taking Monday off. I think I’ve read that if you are choking after rest days you are overdoing it, I can’t remember where I read it.
Anyway, it’s a very interesting subject because it is so very individual

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I have similar issues. I usually don’t feel great after a rest day. Many rest days, I do a 1 hour easy spin instead of complete rest, and I usually feel better the following day. But some times, I just take a real rest day, know that I won’t be great when I get back to training the next day. But I just know that it is part of the process. I probably needed that rest and a workout at lower power numbers isn’t going to be a big deal in the long run.

I struggle more with rest weeks. If I take a really easy week, it can take me a full week to feel good again and hit the same numbers with same perceived exertion. Again, just realize it is part of the process and carefully schedule these weeks around events where you care about performance.


I do HV plans with Mondays being my rest day. Im not sure about my HR, but somehow Tuesdays workouts feel harder than Thursdays or Saturdays. 🤷🏽

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HR is suppressed by fatigue. You are experiencing a higher HR at the same wattage when fresh because the fatigue has lessened. HR is not a good metric in the short run to determine increased fitness levels. You need a lot of data over many months or years.


Yep, I experience this. Every Tuesday morning after a rest day my legs feel heavy. I started to try to mitigate this with some good stretching/ yoga and some time with the massage gun on the Monday evening and seems to bring the RPE down a little.

I know I would feel better with a 1hr light spin on my rest day, but in reality I think I need a full day off to recover so I just accept Tuesday I will feel a little sluggish.

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I always felt blocked up / like garbage after a full day off the bike. When I switched to z1 / active recovery I felt much better. The difficult part for many people is doing a ‘proper’ z1 / active recovery session. To me, active recovery = zone 1 only and no more than 60min. 2hrs z1 isn’t a recovery ride to me.

I’d give something like Lazy Mountain a shot and see if that works better than a full day off.