Big gear, high force stomps to start an interval

I generally have a very difficult time with intervals that start with what are called big gear high force stops. After the initial surge, returning to sweet spot or threshold wattages for the duration of the interval just crushes me. I have successfully made it through Clark on target power a few times, but often I just can’t recover to stay on target power. it’s like the initial stomp is a wall I can’t get through. But that target power without the initial stomp is not a problem. I ride in ERG mode on my wahoo kicker snap. Am I doing this wrong? Should I be in resistance or standard mode for the beginning of the interval? Should I look at my power smoothing settings? Or should I just get stronger? I’m a 3-year veteran of trainer road used consistently over those 3 years and this type of workout or interval start continues to plague me.

I’m really looking forward to Clark tomorrow. … But looking at my history, I have gotten through it a few times at current FTP or greater. So there’s still hope.


I did Clark today but as outside version on a virtual Ventoux with RGT controlling the resistance. I doubt my Suito would have reacted quickly enough to the 12sec sprints or I would have been dragged into the ERG spiral of death.

Use resistance mode?

Thanks, that is what I was going to do but decided a virtual cycle up Ventoux would be more interesting. It was basically resistance mode but RGT controlling the resistance :+1: