"Beyond Expert" - The Trail Sign Says It All

I’m not a mountain biker and, quite frankly, that $&*^ scares me, but this is seriously impressive. Enjoy!



Reminds me of the first time I rode passed a sign that said “Mandatory Air”


Looks like fun.

I didn’t see anything outside of my abilities. But I probably would have skipped more stuff riding solo as I am not as good at skinnies as he is.

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I saw everything outside of my abilities.
There is a negative chance of me even thinking about something like that.
I think broke several bones just mentally trying to do anything on that video.


While it is technically an easy trail, I decided to give White Line in Sedona a try. The night after receiving a freeze (I wrecked in a few places on other trails in the ice). I was also solo.

I don’t make good decisions sometimes.

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You’re talking about this trail, right?

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Yep. Pretty easy. Just don’t screw up.

^— Yes! This!!


“Plus, I’d like to keep riding the rest of the summer”.


I would’ve seen the sign and just said, “NOPE!”

And why would I mountain bike?


I have been watching my GF progress nicely in the past year. She had just gotten into road cycling early last summer when she was hit by a car (100% drivers fault). Soon after started MTB. A year later she is dropping down black diamond trails at Mammoth. I can’t wait until I am teaching her to jump and sending double blacks.

She still has anxiety on the road.

Glad she (and you) are enjoying it. I’m super impressed by all of you that can do it. I’m so uncoordinated that I’d probably hurt myself just looking at the trail.


Also not a mountain biker, very risk averse, and generally uncoordinated. I can’t fathom how people aren’t literally dying on these trails.


Skill progression, risk management balanced with an interest in thrill seeking I guess. Statistically speaking, our road rides are far more dangerous.


How does it go again, D@m lies and statistics :wink: I’ve seen it presented that statistically wise you are more likely to have an accident off road (so from that point of view they are more dangerous but the outcomes of those on road are usually worse (so from that point of view they are more dangerous). Something I’m terrible at my self though, is the skills side (as a start I’m not relaxed enough). I think that those who are more relaxed can smoothly take more risks off road which will statistically far out weigh any statistics :+1:

^— this …

^-- and this …

^-- and this!

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I rarely, rarely wreck anymore to the point I don’t even wear any pads besides a regular MTB helmet. I just went to Mammoth a couple weeks ago and rode Velociraptor blind (meaning I didn’t walk the trail first, just went for it). I dabbed a few times and washed the front end in the sand once, but otherwise wasn’t an issue. Just lots of progression over the years and slowly building up your skillset. At this point I am pretty good at recognizing what is outside of my abilities which is why I rarely wreck any more.

On the other hand, I am pretty certain I will die on my road bike. I have very little anxiety on my MTB, but I am always stressed on the road bike.



There’s a few sketchy spots on the Portal trail. But 99%+ of it is rideable.