Bib/Kit Organization ideas and tips

Okay guys…

Does anybody have a good tip on how to store your kit on the closet?
Do you hang the bibs? fold them? or just throw them in a drawer?

I want to see what people are doing to keep your kit organize!

Hang them to dry after washing. For storage - chuck them in a drawer along with all the jerseys.


Really subtle, but I use plastic hangers for all my tech stuff; I’ve found that wood hangers catch and can pull threads. But really, I 90% just put it in a drawer.

take the bib, roll it up from the bottom and then twist the straps around the roll like a rubber band. The rolls pack up nicely in the drawer.

I could definitely come up with a better system but I currently have 4 baskets. 1 for bibs, 1 for tights/knickers, 1 for jerseys, and 1 for accessories like arm warmers, gloves, etc.

plastic hangers in the closet. I like being able to have all my jerseys and bibs out and easy to choose between.

Throw them in the dirty basket and they magically reappear in my drawer the next day nice and clean. Iv’e got no idea what happens in between.

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I have a room in my basement I use as a locker room so I can get away with this: I have two laundry baskets and keep clean bibs, socks and jerseys in one basket and I use the other one for dirty.

I also have a chest of drawers for Long-term storage but I’lI can have seasonal stuff in regular rotation that will go months without seeing drawer or even getting folded.