Best tubeless tyres for my sportive bike

Currently riding a giant defy 2020 advance pro 1. Has the stock giant PR2 wheels. Stock tyres are giant gavia Fondo 1, 32mm, tubeless.

I’m upgrading/ replacing them, and have it down to 2 options;

32mm conti GP5000 TL.
30mm Vittoria Corsa Control G2 TLE.

As I see it, pros of the conti is that it’s most likely marginally faster, comes in 32mm.

Pros of the Corsa control is price (£40 Vs £58per tyre), asthetics (I bloody love tan walls).

Am I missing anything obvious between the two? Are there any major differences? Im looking for everything anyone’s wants in a sportive tyre, fast, comfortable, puncture resistance, longevity. Oh and of course tan walls :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d appreciate some input.

This isn’t my own experience but I know a lot of people have an issue fitting the tubules version of the Conti tyres. I believe they’re incredibly tight to get on the wheel and that would stop me from buying them.

There’s a thread here discussing it too:

I’m sure that Vittoria is different but I and the bike shop couldn’t get my Corsa Speed to seat. I have never had a problem with 5000TLs on Hunt
Prime or Revolver wheels even in the middle of chemo back in 2019 when my fingers were all numb and weak.

This coming from someone who has tiny hands and zero handyman type personality. … They’re fittable. The TdF clincher tyres are harder to fit than the TL GP5000s. Even so, any of them can easily be fit if you have an extra pair of hands both pulling the tyre over the rim. After about a month, the tyre stretches… so you won’t have the same level of tightness should you puncture. Just make sure you do all the tricks such as put in the middle of the rim, finish at the valve etc. Etc. There’s also a trick for putting the first side of the tyre on by criss-crossing it.

That said, there are much easier tyres out there to fit than the GP5000 if that’s your main concern.

Thanks. I’ll likely be fitting the tyres myself, however not overly concerned about it!? May be regretting saying that later, though.

Ugg, can’t wait until the tan sidewall fad dies off. Hideous!
Seriously, I run tubeless GP5K’s on a set of Boyd Altimonts and can remove a fit them back on without levers. They are tight but it’s doable.

Different strokes eh :sweat_smile:

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Sadly, to throw a wrench into your decision, but Corsa Control TLR tires are not available in tan. It’s black for the tubeless. Not sure what your preferred vendor but look carefully so you don’t end up with a tan sidewall Corsa Control that is not tubeless.

Oh damn. I went to look at the shop I had them saved and they’re now not showing up, just saying they’re out of stock! Probably my mistake, I looked at so many tyres yesterday whilst researching.

If I was in your shoes right now, I would probably look to Donnelly’s Xplor CDG tires. They’re 30mm, all road file tread pattern for multi surface, tubeless, and tan. I have no clue what the rolling resistance is like for CDGs but I can’t imagine them being “slow” compared to a Corsa Control tread.

When you say Sportiv, Flanders or PR events come to mind for me. This would be very suitable.

Thanks, I’ll check them out

I have run both 5Ks and Schwable Pro Ones (old version). The 5Ks are great performers but came within a hair of giving up on them trying to mount them. The Pro Ones were medium difficult to mount but doable, rode great but I didn’t like their durability. They never left me stranded but cuts, nicks, and punctures were too frequent. I understand the latest version is much better all around. I will look at new Pro Ones or Hutchison Fusion 5s when it is time to replace the 5Ks

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Forget the science. Tan walled tyres are faster. Period.