Best routes for road cycling (Tuskany in Italy, Austria: Oetztal, Inntal etc., Dolomites, Cote d'Azure)

Next week I’m going on vacation for 3 weeks. I will drive by a car from Poland to South Europe. I have a tent and I’m going to travel from camp to camp riding my bike in mountains. I love this style of travelling. The first stop will be Austria. I was in Inntal Valley (Kramsach) and in Oetztal Valley a few times so I know all the famous climbing like Kuhtai, Kaunertal, Rottenbach. Still I couldn’t ride Timelsjoch so this one is on my list. Maybe someone know any routes worth to ride in this area or same great area nearby I can visit with a road bike?
After that I will move to south, to Merano region (maybe I will go to Bormio too but I was there so many times) and farther to south, through Dolomites to Tuskany and after a few days I will go to Cote d’Azure. I’m looking to routes in all those areas and maybe new locations nearby where I can ride my bikes. Any tips, web pages, links, gpxes files, strava activities are more than welcame :slight_smile:

Near Innsbruck you can ride " hinterhorn alm", a very nice place is “ahornboden”…In south tyrol everything is beautiful😁
May you Google “sella ronda” or all the famous passes.
The highest is “stilfser Joch”

Altough the Website is in German i think you can get the Information

You should try to camp in Cortina where you could do many interesting loops…
look for Sellaronda (6 passes) and the loop through 3 Croci pass - Lake Misurina - 3 Cime di Lavaredo (steep but amazing view at the top / with a nice restaurant) - Cimabanche Pass
Or creating a loop including Fedaia Pass.
If you decide to cross NW Piemonte (where I’m) let me know

Sella Ronde done :slight_smile: I rode the Maratona Dles Dolomites long route. I was in Cortina di Ampezzo too, so Passo Giau, Pordoi etc. I know very well. I was in Bormio too (a few times) so Stelvio aka stifser Joch is checked, the same with Mortirolo, Gavia. But thx for those tips.

I was in Cortina a few weeks ago :slight_smile: I spent a week in Corvara last year and another week in Canazei 2 years ago. I thought I can go farther south. I found Sportful Dolomiti Race route and I don’t know this area: Maybe you know same routes, website, anything about Tuscany? I wan’t ride Strade Bianche route so I plan to stay near Sienna foe a couple of days.

I see… you’ve been quite a few times over there… more than me lol…
have you ever been to the eastern part? Friuli Venezia Giulia?
Some examples are Monte Crostis , Monte Zoncolan, Monte Croce Carnico Pass etc (you can check the list here )
In Tuscany you could check Alpi Apuane or you could ride to Civita di Bagnoregio (if this is not too far). That’s what I know about that area, I’m not super familiar with it…
you should really think of coming to Piemonte, if you hadn’t done already :v:

Zillertaler Höhenstraße, one valley south of Innsbruck, 1400 in one climb and views to take your breath away.

From Nice I did the col de madone via Eze on my last trip. Iconic climb with views across Monaco, the Eze climb of Paris Nice fame and fantastic views all round. The bit through the city of Menthon can be annoying, but traffic is used to cyclist on that bit.

Piemonte - what exacly do you have in main? I mean, what city is the best location to start. Maybe is a good idea to visit Piemonte and go farther to France from there. I think I was nearby Piemonte - like in Martigny, Zermatt but in heart of this region I don’t think I was.

I rode Monte Zoncolan one time but I was in Udine only one day and I had only 2 hours and I couldn’t do more than that. I would like to get back to Udine and get back to Slovienia too but it’s not the best time for that due to Covis-19 (14-days of quarantine for Poles). Thx for the link.

Zillertaler, you mean this one :slight_smile:
I did those route a few weeks ago. I spent 10 days in Inntal Valley.

I know col de madone, I had to drive it by a car. In this area I spent a week last year. It was a training camp for me before racing season (but I crashed a few weeks later during my 2th race of the season and I had a long break with 2 surgery on the way). I stayed in Vence but I didn’t have a chance to explore the other side of Nice with col de madone. I followed Michał Kwiatkowski on Strava, he lives in Monaco so I can just copy his training routes. I’m looking for some local inputs. I want to find maybe not so epic/famous climbs but sth charming.

It really depends on whether you’d like to do more famous cols (lombarda, Agnello, Moncenisio, Finestre, Monginevro, etc.) or mixing climbs and scenic routes.
So for examples Cuneo or Susa could be a good location for Cols hunting, otherwise one town close to the Lake District for scenic loops (Orta for example)…
Central Piemonte is famous for its UNESCO hills and is a good spot for scenic rides (Barolo, Barbaresco, Alba) but with less climbs…

I’m such an ignorant :slight_smile: I was nearby Susa in Isere Valley and I rode Col de Iseran and Mt Cenis (but from french site of the col) and I didn’t have any idea that I’m in Piemonte region. Thx for those tips, there are great points to start digging on the internet.

Happy to help…
What are your planning dates?Specifically in Piemonte? After you have decided where and when to stay let me know, so we may able to ride once together if you’re happy with that
If you need any further advice on route planning or anything else write in this thread so others could benefit from this…

I’m going to start this friday (28.08) and I have to get back to Poland in 3 weeks (21.09). But where I will be at specific date I just can’t say - I will create the plan from day to day according the weather and routes I will discover etc. Where you stay in Piemonte? Can you give me an email address I will let you know if I be nearby.

And a few links for others: - routes nearby kufstein/Rottenberg, Zillertal; I tested it, most of them are great; interactive map with routes for road cycling, MTB, e-bikes general info about big climbing in Austria general information about road cycling in italy and regions`1[System.Web.WebPages.Html.SelectListItem]&pagecount=System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.Web.WebPages.Html.SelectListItem]&Page=2&selectedCountryNew=88&selectedSubRegionNew=0&selectedSubSubRegionNew=0&Countries=System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.Web.WebPages.Html.SelectListItem]&fbclid=IwAR0O9ACzfRXGZw2zLss_tFIcrPnfXn_ESC-dMqYWiCRBDT4EBcNB5-dPDqk list of races in different countries, good start for searching routes in selected area road routes in Tirol, Austria

Thanks for the links provided
I’ll pm you