Best Racing Gravel Bike 2024

Wonder why you didn’t go with sram red….less compromises in tire clearance and frame integrity…

They released an updated line of colors for the regular Aspero a couple months back so my personal guess is we won’t see a new Aspero till 2024 at the earliest.

I just hammered out intervals on that same bike. I really like the ostro gravel

Yeah - I’m not feeling the white or rose champagne. Hunting down a purple sunset in my size has been tough. A lot for sale used in the red or black though.

It usually is just as compromised for tire clearance.
The long battery limits tire clearance to 43-44mm max.

This is a 42c tire coming out to 44mm. 4mm is just about bearable. In muddy conditions it’s probably too little.

I’ve had SRAM Red on all my bikes (TT, Road, Gravel) for 3 years now, and I am happy to move on.

SRAM AXS is great because:

  • the Quarq PMs are great
  • awesome gear ratios for gravel
  • Red Cranks are top notch
  • easy mixing and matching
  • easy to swap parts
  • micro-adjustments on the fly
  • wireless blips

What I didn’t like though is:

  • It weighs more than DA
  • the FD is a b‘tçh
  • chain, especially in conjunction with small rings are relatively inefficient
  • the shifters are too fat
  • braking performance
  • limitation to 13 tooth gap doesn’t make sense to me
  • relatively slow shifting performance

On Gravel, SRAM has the edge for most people, with great 1x set ups, greater gearing range and it having a clutch on the RDs.
For road I find it way too compromised because every component also has to work for 1x and gravel, which just doesn’t work so well.

So for me, Shimano everything is less of a compromise than SRAM everything.


Thanks for the thorough answer.

Seems like this should be corrected in the new iteration. This groupset is like 3-4 years old?. I bet we get an update next year.

All in all. Given that I’m already getting started with an adventure build, I’m going to wait on the Kaius availability or see how the new GRX fits the Factor.

New SRAM Force AXS was released in March, but I believe the front derailleur is pretty much the same battery setup as before?

Maybe it’s the same but Force has a “wide” option.

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This needs to be on a t-shirt. I’d buy one.


that sucks. I currently have the factor ostro vam and was thinking of switching for these bars, but with the holes on the top i don’t think i will because i’d only want the aero bars for some rides and seeing the 4 holes would bug me

Its not that bad, they have rubber toppers that you dont really see.

I might run a 38 or 40 tire vs my 42 that swell up to 45 like yours. Just such minimal room

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A pic of your rig would be appreciated.


Very nice!. A couple of questions:

Is this a 56?
Are those 42mm tires?
You have a Force FD with Red chainrings?
Is your setup sram “wide”?
Is that a 10-36 Force cassette?


This is a 56, it fits the same as my 58 sl7.
Running 120mm x 40mm bars
42mm pathfinder pro tires, tyres measure out to 44.5mm on a 25ID rim
I am running force front, red long cage on a standard 46/33 red crank.
rear is 10/36

No wide on the set up. I was able to get the gearing I wanted with out going wide. I wanted at least 1:1 and I have better then that. Makes it nice having that tall gear for bad hills.


I have owned 3 gravel bikes.
Aspero 2x
Ridley kanzo fast 1X
Factor ostro gravel 2x

I like the factor so far the most. Best Geo for me, best gearing of the 3 and aero bars.


It’s interesting how some tires blow up, like yours and mine stay the same, RH 42mm Knobby.

Can you comment on this choice as opposers of Red?


I pieced the bike together finding the best deals I could find. Someone was selling the front for $80 so I went with it.

Same with crank, shifters we’re $240 per side. Crank we’re on sale around Christmas. I did my best to keep cost low.

My other bike is an sl7 sworks with rival.


Same with RH 44 EL slick. 44 on 25id