Best match for unstructured rides?

Matching an unstructured ride to a TR workout is one way to keep your PLs in line, but it’s not always obvious which workout is the closest match to an unstructured ride.

What’s the best way to retroactively find a best fit workout for an unstructured ride?

  • Create custom workout with similar power profile that you rode (in TrainingPeaks or TrainerRoad own Workout Creator). No need to be too precise, skip fluctuations less than minute or so (depends on workout, of course)
  • Schedule it to same day and assign it to actual ride
  • TR will calculate PL
  • Profit

Caveat: there is known bug heavily over-estimating PL if ride contains late sprints, so better skip those.


The good news is: Workout Levels V2 will account for any and all unstructured rides in both your Progression Levels and adaptations! We’re actively working on this feature, thanks for your patience.


Will it look retroactively? Not for all times but maybe a few weeks/, months. Since it’s summer in the northern hemisphere I suspect that there’s a lot of getting outside right now.

I will look into this. To clarify what you’re asking, you’d like to make sure that once WLV2 is released, you get credit in your Progression Levels (and for future adaptations) for all the outside unstructured workouts you did prior, correct?

I assume theres some timeline under which the workouts you did prior are no longer relevant to your current PLs, but are important in the context of your overall training plan, and I get that.

Let me know so I can check with the team and get you the best info possible!

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That’s it.

For example it’s lovely here right now and I’ve got a mental health Friday off (gotta love nice employers who want me to ride!) and tbh structure on the turbo doesn’t sound half as much fun as tearing up and down the Moors, so although v2 isn’t out yet if it came out in July I’d think the coming weeks would have bearing on my levels.

Obviously something in December isn’t valid for now!

Big thanks.

Would love to hear the latest progress on this feature on a podcast!

I know some people lose their collective marbles when you guys discuss as-yet-unreleased features, but I think @Nate_Pearson’s done a good job of coaching around expectations, and the “credit for outdoor rides” stuff has been known for long enough now that hopefully people can chill.

Thanks for the reply. Ultimately, yes, I want to be sure unstructured rides count towards setting proper PLs and adaptations. In the short term, however, I’m looking for a better way to match any given unstructured ride with an appropriate workout.

Generally speaking, we like to stay away from temporary solutions if we already have a permanent solution in the queue, so there’s no short-term fix we have for you right now unfortunately.