Best Bike Split MTB modeling

Anybody using Best Bike Split to model longer Mtb races? I registered for a free account & entered my info, bike info & uploaded a course (Shenandoah 100). I was pretty shocked when it told me that at my current ftp, I could finish in 8 hours. There’s just no way, not sure exactly but I think the pros are in the 7:15 - 7:30 range but the only time I see them is at the start & if Jeremiah Bishop comes back out on course to cheer on the normal folks. I took a look at the suggested wattage/speeds & the downhill speeds on trails were close to 40mph :flushed: That’s just not happening for anybody. Is there a way to get the model more accurate for the downhill speeds? I didn’t see anything & the documentation was pretty slim.

Obviously not TR related but wondering if anybody is using BBS for MTB. I was thinking it might give me basic times to shoot for on courses that I’m unfamiliar with.

BBS is widely off for MTB, just ignore it.

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