Dirty Kanza: Intensity Factor to use in modeling

Quick question: Have a buddy doing DK, and I was monkeying around in Best Bike Split with the course.

One parameter in BBS is intensity factor for the event.

Has anyone who has done the race or have an inkling on this? I bet it will be pretty low for that long of a race.

Anyway, IF for DK for BBS. .

Not DK, but I did a 210 mile event and used .65 for my intensity, and that felt right. I came to that after testing with some centuries, and felt it was accurate. I think 0.5 IF is a great starting point, do a little testing and see if you feel you could nudge that up without blowing up.

And then the really important part, hold yourself to that power on race day. It’s so hard having a power plan from BBS, and then watching a bunch of riders go up the road, but you’ll be glad you stayed disciplined!

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I’d use .5-.6 because he will probably get higher due to the race/excitement factor and end up doing .6-.7. Anything over .7 and you will implode IMO

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I’m riding a 240 mile race in Aug. on gravel and trying to determine my intensity factor (IF). I’m guessing that it’ll take me 18-20 hours. Considering IF is calculated by time, would you still recommend .65? How long did your event take you to finish? Thanks for the help

Once you get to that duration I don’t see dropping below .60 extending your ability to ride longer.

Sorry for a very late reply, but as @Cory.Rood stated, going below 0.65 in my experience hasn’t resulted in more endurance. I think when you’re going these long distances with this much time in the saddle, you just run up against your body’s physically ability to do work, and .55 vs .60 becomes immaterial. Experiment with it though!

Yeah. I’m planning to start the ride at .65 and stay between .65-.70 throughout (depending on how i’m feeling. That range is only a matter of 14 watts for me. The race is in 2 weeks!


The DAMn?

The DAMn! Yep

Are you riding it?

I’m not currently registered but I’ve been tossing the idea of grabbing a transfer and using it as a test run for my A event in October(Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra)

Cool. Well let me know if you register, Otherwise good luck at Spotted Horse.