Derailleur Hanger Issues w/ Cycleops Fluid 2

Hey guys, so I’ve noticed that lately just about every time I take my Trek Emonda ALR on and off of my Cycleops Fluid 2 trainer that my derailleur hanger is out of alignment. It’s almost as if clamping the bike into the trainer is somehow bending the hanger.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? Is this a sign that I need to just replace the hanger or do you all think it will keep happening to me even with a new hanger?

It’s pretty annoying to have to pull off the derailleur and re align the hanger every time I take the thing on and off of the trainer.

Some questions:

  1. What direction is it bending (inside towards the wheel, or outside away from the wheel)?

  2. Are you using a good, straight trainer skewer?

  3. Is your clamping force excessive? (depending on your model, there are adjustments for different axle lengths, so you need to use the “right” one for your size)

  4. Can you provide pics of the bike/dropout/hanger before, when installed on the trainer, and after so we can see your setup in use?

Something sounds off since the loading should all be axial, in line with the wheel’s axle and quick release.