Bend spoke, does it need fixing?

How bad is this? Should i get this fixed?

If the wheel is still true I wouldn’t worry to much.


It didn’t just bend. You probably don’t need to replace the spoke it, but you do need the wheel retensioned.

I was carrying a pump, the hose fell and got stuck between the spokes

It has remained bent, which means it probably stretched it a bit. You should be able to download an app on your phone, download a spoke tension app, and then retension the spoke yourself if you want.
Before you do that, measure the spoke and get one on order. What wheel is that? That looks like a pretty wide spoke.

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it’s giant slr1 wheel, the nipples are hidden somewhere inside. I’m going to save myself a lot of frustration and get in done in a shop in the fall

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I would get it done at some point, as long as the wheel is true and the wheel doesn’t flex when you drop the hammer it doesn’t need to be. However it might snap at some point, unlikely so don’t worry but there is a chance. DON’T bend it straight this is more likely to pull the wheel out of true and increase the chance of it going ping.

RE: Bike shop, yes agree, not worth the frustration, I’ve got a wheel with 3 loose spokes that flexes and I would do it myself but the nipples are frozen (no jokes please), I’ve bought a tool but is was the wrong size and I can’t free the nipples anyway. Unless you’ve done a few wheels yourself it might be cheaper to go to a bike shop, not to mention less stress.

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FYI - It looks like they use Sapim CX Sprint 14g x 2.2mm x ??? length Spokes. Not sure what version wheel you’ve got. A DT Swiss aero something, Sapim CX-anything, or Pillar aero 1420 or 1422 will blend in and work fine. The lengths here will be the same as they probably didnt change the hub and the rim ERD will be roughly the same.

Special note - “T-Head” spoke… this might be a total PITA to get. Your best option take a standard straight pull and have your man hit the nail head sideways. I did this with 48 CX-Ray spokes and 48 of 49 turned out perfect - this is how the factory does it too; I haven’t had issues in 2.5years with them. The other option are DT Swiss Dicut or Bontrager spoke kits for their wheels. (Light) straightpull hubs with 16/21 holes - Weight Weenies

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