Benchmarks in training

Anybody know of any pace charts or way of calculating approx. what power you would have to put out for 6 hrs. of training to equate to a desired power / time calculation targeted for race day. In other words , I’m shooting for a finish time of 8:00 that for my weight would require an ave. power of 207w and 234 np . I would prefer to ride up to 6 hrs. in training at an increased power that would extend out and equate to these target numbers .Although I can easily ride to the 8 hr. duration , I would prefer not to ride at race pace for that much time due to the extreme fatigue it would induce . Thanks for any help .

Get a free account, plug in your event details and model the outcome of various scenarios.

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If I understand your question correctly, you are trying to ‘condense’ an 8 hour target ride at 234np into 6 hours and want to know what np is relevant to make them equivalent?

If this is the case I would highly recommend changing your approach to training and follow a TR plan that is relevant to the race (maybe century/rolling road race - without knowing the specifics of your event).

On the podcast they frequently talk about not needing to ride event distance/time for good results, something I have found to be true leading into a 200mile ride, with ~15,000ft climbing. This was a 14.5h ride for me but I never did any sessions over 2 hours yet felt strong at the end. Training the appropriate energy systems should always take priority and I find the TrainerRoad plans to do that very well.

With regards to your original question however, using the figures you have provided and your FTP you should be able to calculate the TSS for your event plan, you can then up adjust the NP for 6 hours to hit the same TSS value. (As stated above, I don’t think that this is the right way to go about training however).