Ben Sachs - Lifetime / Unbound

Is a great dude. Race today. 10 miles in, I’m standing up on on a climb and… break my chain. I’m an idiot and do not have the items to fix my HUGE problem. Ben pulls up 5 seconds later, stops, puts his day on hold, fixes my issue and gets me rolling again. Fight back to a podium in my division. Great human. Thank you.


Flint Hills Gravel?

Congrats on the podium!!

That’s the one. Great race and race director. The routes overlap a lot of previous Unbound / DK courses. Same with La Grind Gravel if you want to spend less $$$, or don’t win a lottery at Unbound. BobbyT the RD for Flint Hills Gravel ride also leads the charge on the Kansas Cannonball 550 and a new Flint Hills Ultra as well as Rock Ridge.

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