Beginner/cheap Roller Recommendations

I am looking for recommendations for some cheap beginner rollers. I have always wanted to try them, but don’t want to spend much to test them out and see if I can and would want to ride them. Any recommendations?

If you can find Bike Nashbar’s reduced radius rollers (straight aluminum barrels) somewhere online you are golden. They should be under $90, probably less now, if you find them and actually are a ton of value for the money.

These are honestly very good rollers. Solid, durable and smooth. You aren’t sacrificing anything if you can find them.

Sadly these are harder to find given Nashbar/Performance going under. So finding them online is the hard part.


I have the Nashbar rollers and would highly recommend them as the best low-cost option.

However, since they and their parent company are headed into the bankruptcy hole, they are low on any inventory other than the remaining scraps… i.e. no rollers :frowning:

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To add, rollers effectively don’t wear out. So you can likely find a good set used via the usual channels (Craig’s List, Ebay, etc.) that will be great for your needs.

Elite Crono Fluid Elastogel. I got it for 130€, not noisy at all, handles good sprints, no wear using a blue Tacx tyre

Con: can’t stand up or you loose traction

That is a rear wheel trainer, and the OP is looking for rollers.

I’ve bought a couple used from online sources. They seem to come up regularly. The Minoura ones I have now cost me $50 Canadian

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One thing about cheaper rollers. Find a way to ground yourself in dry (i.e. winter) climates. An hour of roller time can be like rubbing a balloon on your head for an hour – static sucks!

I’ve never had the issue with my aluminum rollers. Not sure if it’s the aluminum or the design. There’s my n = 1 for the day.


This isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but I’ll share my experince for funzies.

Last fall, I was contemplating trying rollers, having never ridden them, and I narrowed my choices to two categories: (1) the cheapest rollers possible, in case I discovered that I don’t like rollers, and (2) the best rollers possible, in case I discovered that I do like them.

The cheapest rollers were imports on Amazon, usually $80-$100.

The expensive ones were around $1000 on sale, the Inside Ride E-Motion Smart Control rollers.

I decided on the Inside Rides, and I’ve been using them on TR and Zwift ever since, to the exclusion of my Kurt Road Machine.

I share this story because I, like you, initially wanted inexpensive rollers, and I can say for sure now that had I bought the cheap ones, I’d still be using my Kurt, and whatever cheap rollers I bought would be collecting dust.