Balancing football (soccer) with training

Prior to the football season starting I was making great progression with my training (around 50 watts in 6 months ). I have recently started a new training plan (sweetspot base low volume) around the same time as starting my football season on Sundays. I have noticed that I have been struggling to sufficiently recover from the match in time for my midweek TR sessions which has resulted in me not being able to complete some of them - particularly the Over/Unders. Does anyone else balance football and cycling? How do you go about doing this effectively? Should I be lowering the intensity? Any recommendations will be much appreciated!

I have also noticed something interesting about making the transition from playing football my whole life to cycling. My left leg (standing leg in football) is much stronger than right 54/46 which I think could be a result of asymmetry in football? Just one to ponder…

I played football regularly before upping my previously unstructured bike riding to 4x p/w. Personally the 2 weren’t compatible for me at that stage.

I’ve lost a lot of strength going purely to cycling, and now attempting to claw some of it back with weights. My left leg is also much stronger, and I mainly attribute it to the same reason as you. I’m often 53%/47%.