Back pain in 90% + efforts

What do YOU do to eliminate any back pain during rides with harder efforts?

Assuming fit is OK and lower back is well trained from gym work.

Probably depends on your particular 'pain’s, but that sounds like problem to be addressed off the bike.

The only issue you should have from threshold efforts and above would be some mild muscle strain, if any at all.

Things like ‘cross back’ and such make sense outside, but I don’t hear that as a common issue inside.

Consistent pain should lead to a doctor first. Maybe physical therapy on follow up.

There are at least a few threads on addressing strength training and stretching with a focus on back issues. Search a bit and you can see the existing discussion and decide if they apply in your situation.

Why are we assuming this?

Hard efforts typically engage more glutes and hamstrings and if your fit is not OK these will tire quickly and lead to some serious back pain.

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Back pain can have many sources. I’ve never had any issues until this summer when I got some burning pain in my right side of my lower back. This video from Jeff helped my problem. I had no idea the gluteus minor could have that effect but thinking about it it makes sense.

That said it’s sometimes not so obvious what the root cause is. In your case I would start by looking into your flexibility, possibly stretching the hamstrings and major glutes.


On the bike, I make sure my pelvic tilt is in a position to use my posterior chain (glutes, etc) and not my lower back.

Off the bike, +1 to what @TomasIvarsson posted previously. The exercises to strengthen the hips was very key to getting less back pain.


I’ve experienced this exact issue… I know you said bike fit was dialed, and I’ve had two professional fits myself. However, mine resolved by dropping my seat 5mm. I’ve noticed no other effects. Obviously, YMMV!

And a solid core. Your back pain is almost always caused by weaknesses in other muscles. Abs, glutes, and hamstrings…unless you’re pulling up on the bars, which I never do unless it’s a max sprint.


Working through this as well, though exclusive to outside rides. Current focus is mobilizing posterior chain, as lack of range of motion means the only way to get into a lower position is to round my back. Sounds good in theory; we’ll see if it works in practice.

Look up Foundation Training by Dr. Eric Goodman on YouTube. Great exercises for the back helped me with cycling.

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My back problems ended up tracing to hamstring tightness. It could be a lot of different things. And if your doctor is like mine, he’s gonna look at your chart and say he wishes everyone was that healthy and send you on your way with orders to stretch.