Avoiding common indoor training mistakes

Hi all,

I have been using trainer road for some months already but I was essentially doing the workouts outdoor synced on my Wahoo. I loved it !

With the Covid 19 outbreak, like most of you, I am prohibited to train outdoor. Happily I bought a basic trainer in January that I used rarely only for easy endurance and recovery workouts of max 1 hour.

Now I am following the phase 2 of my Sweet Spot Base plan and I would like to avoid overtraining, injuries, dehydration and bad workout nutrition. I see some friends doing several hours Zwift races and for me they are completely crazy and going to burn themselves.

So some of my questions that will help me to get better knowledge about how to do indoor workouts the right way.

  • What is the max workout duration do you recommend ? At the moment for me, I will not do more than 1h30. More, I will be afraid to be too much dehydrated.

  • What about the position on the bike ? Is there some height/alt/whatever saddle adjustements to do compared to riding outdoor ? After 1h15 I start to feel really unconfortable on the saddle when I am on my trainer while I have no problem when I am outdoor for several hours.

  • Hydration ? I drink about 1L~1,2L of water per hour indoor with some salt and lemon juice. I think for the quantity is OK but the composition is not optimal. Do you have suggestions of DIY drinks to take during the effort ?

  • Recovery. I sweat a lot during the workout. After it, I try to drink 1L of water during the next 1h30 and to eat meal right after (healthy and balanced with 100-150g of meat, carbs and green vegetables). Same as above, do you have recipes to share about easy recovery drink or cake to do myself ?

Thanks a lot for your recommendations and go on to train hard :+1:


Max duration - work up to it. Dehydrated - drink more.

Saddle height (generally bike fit). The very static, fixed, nature of trainers exacerbates any underlying problems that you don’t really notice out on the road. Stand up on the pedals for 10-15 seconds during recovery intervals helps.

Hydration - drink more. See the “I :heart: Carbs” thread for more info.

Recovery - depends on the workout. One of the zones will kill you while the others make you wonder what all the fuss is about.

Do you have a good fan? As in really good, as in


My two biggest improvements to indoor training were:

  1. Good fans. 2+ fans is not overkill.
  2. Rocker plate. This alleviated most of the discomfort that I experienced in 60+ minute workouts. There are commercial options, but I’ve seen a lot of DIY setups that seem to do the same job (if I hadn’t gotten a killer deal on a Saris MP1 I would have gone the DIY route).

Another vote for a rocker plate, 2 fans (box and lasko), and I drink 1 bottle (26oz) of Skratch for every 30 minutes on the trainer whether its aerobic rides or VO2 workouts.

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