Average power much lower than indicated by three-second average during the ride

I did a 50-minute climb and based on the three-second average power during the ride I would have expected ~280+ watt average, but it was only 260 watts. Looking at the data, I see my power for the entire ride full of holes that shouldn’t be there (I only stopped pedaling a few times during the climb). I think maybe my power meter has been dropping out since updating the firmware a few weeks ago. Also, I think the battery died on me sometime after finishing the climb.

Is there a way to distinguish dropouts from simply stopping pedaling?

Power shouldn’t zero out during a gear shift, should it?

Are you recording cadence, and if so, is it from the power meter or a separate device?

Data drop of power should also lose cadence, assuming it is all coming from the same device.

But stopping pedaling will show no power or cadence. So you need to consider where you were and if you really were applying power at that time.

Some drops have cadence, some don’t. Cadence comes my power meter, though… I will replace the battery and check for firmware updates.

Considering the average gradient, I should be seeing a decrease in speed if I was really not pedaling for a second.

Was your speed measured with a wheel sensor or GPS? I wouldn’t trust GPS to reliably identify dips in speed due to briefly stopping pedalling uphill as it’s only accurate to around 10m.

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That’s a good point.

Yep my computer wasn’t recording power or cadence (but sometimes cadence…?) for a second every thirty seconds or so during outdoor rides even with a new battery. No issue was apparent during indoor sessions.

Any ideas why? It’s a Bryton Rider 310.