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Have any UK based folks done the Bryan Chapman Memorial 600? The most climbing I’ve done on a 600 is 5800 and I found that pretty tough. The BCM has almost 8000. I’m just wondering if I’m going to end up being too slow.

The climbs are mostly long and not very steep. There are some chevron climbs but you can count those on the fingers of one hand. Roads are good and not full of gravel in the middle like the lanes on some audaxes. It’s a good outing , and I would not worry too much about the 8000m climbing figure as you can get into a steady effort on most of them and have the reward of a fast descent the other side.

Thanks! Guess, I’ll put an entry in. The worst that can happen is that I end up out of time or with no sleep.

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Once you get over a fear of not finishing in time, it frees you up to try events harder than you’ve done before and see how you get on. It’s very liberating.


True. I’ve never not finished an audax, but I’ve also been super lucky with the weather and conditions. It will be good to stretch myself.

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Saw a rider on Mille Cymru (1000km audax) in 2014 arrive at the Betsy Coed control on the time limit on day 3. It was sub zero in the night in June. He ate, put head down for 15 mins doze and then was out of the door. He finished about 30 minutes out of time but what a battle to try to finish in time till the end. The kind of audax he will remember for a long time, compared to the ones you finish easily.


I did ride the BCM in 2018. According to Garmin/Strava it was 6333m climbing. I noticed this year’s edition is not listed as a 8000m brevet on the ACP list (a 600km brevet with 8000+m climbing is now a requirement for the ACP10k award).

BCM is a lovely event. Prepare for both bitterly cold (nights) and very hot; in 2018 it was near freezing in the night yet on the 2nd day someone had to quit because of heat stroke!

Kings Hostel can/will be packed… I had a 1/2 length inflatable pad and a light sleeping bag with me and had 3+ hours of sleep under a table in the lounge. Oh, bring earplugs :wink:

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I’ve only failed to finish an audax twice. Both times were mental failures (1 went past my parents house) and I could have finished if I’d had the need to really.

The time I was actually sick (like throwing up proper sick) I still finished in time because I needed to (PBP qualifier)

The hilliest ride I did, I actually felt the freshest at the end - good weather helped, but hills with good descents are easier than grinding out into a headwind for me.

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Thanks for the advice!