Atlas Mountain Race 2020

Kicked off this morning - anyone keeping track? Lots of big names seem to be in for an early season leg stretcher…

Interested to see how this one unfolds over next 2 or so days:

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p.s my money is on Sofiane Sehili for the win - you heard it here first…

Be interesting to see how old pro Christian Meier goes, obviously got the legs but unproven in multi day self supported - how will he cope roughing it with little sleep/ fending for himself…

Track progress here

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I really want to do this race in a few years! It looks incredible.

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Agree. Pretty special scenery over there. These multiday self supported races are a completely different beast than single day races though. Sleeping rough on the side of the road for a few hours in who knows what conditions. Takes some getting used to!


Some of the bike setups:

I’m watching James Craven from the UK, rode with him a couple of times last year on a tough 400k and a 2-day bivi ride across Wales. He’s used to roughing it and a strong rider. Also done a bit of Trainerroadering… Go James!

One of my Club mates is there. Not a big hitter but done the Transcontinental twice. So I will be watching him. James Illman