Athens Twilight -- Jarret Oldham out?

@jdoldham11 – Jarret… just watching the Athens Twilight crit and they said you broke your collarbone… say it ain’t so!? You were killing it this year – bummed for you if true.

Let us know how you’re doing…

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Oh no!! I hope this isn’t true!



Unfortunately very true - from what I recall, I was on the right side of the group on the backstretch when the rider to my left suddenly moved right, pushing my bars into the fencing. I was quickly on the ground.

One four hour ER trip later (getting out after 2am) the guys, several of which also got caught on crashes that resulted in a broken bike and broken spirits, decided to just go home that night.

Annoyed about this collarbone, but glad that it’s not worse. I fell in a manner that prevented any hits to my head, so no concussions, etc. It’s a pretty clean break and the bones are sitting close together so I’m hoping the healing window is fast.

Planning to review the podcast where @Nate_Pearson talks about his recovery process and apply them here. Hoping to be back on form by the time the nationals block in June rolls around (USPRO and amateur)

Definitely bummed to miss yet another Athens (this year I was hoping to win), and the Winston-Salem cycling classic - both the crit and RR fit my riding style - especially with the way the form has been this year so far. I’m giving myself one more day to pout, and starting tomorrow I’m going to figure out how I’m going to come back ASAP and stronger than before.


Really sorry to hear that, man. Heal fast. Come back strong.



That sucks!

Back in my day, that was my favorite crit! Under the lights, the insane crowds lining the course, the noise thru the start/finish are, and of course the speed!

Healing vibes headed your way. You should be able to get back on the trainer pretty quickly to be ready for nationals!

Yeah, as a lover of twilight crits, I think I would love Athens too. Unfortunately looks like I’ll have to wait another year to get in on the mix. I just won’t be doing the Friday night race in Spartanburg again. I am not a fan of how that course translates to group dynamics.

Here’s to a speedy recovery. Hope to see you in CO for Littleton Twilight!

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