At what elevation will performance be affected

I live and train right along the coast; say elevation 20 ft.

I’m looking at a race that will be at 1850 ft with a small amount of climbing but should not go over 2300 ft. Can someone give me any idea on how much this might impact performance? I’m thinking it’s not high enough to have much of an impact but I’m used to hot, thick, moist air!!

Based on personal experience, I do not believe that is near high enough to start becoming a concern. I would say that almost certainly you will not even notice. If you think you notice a difference, it is more likely you just sucking wind and suffering cause you’re climbing vs rolling on the flat along the coast :sweat_smile:

Don’t overthink it. Seriously! Have fun and crush it! :facepunch:


Thanks a lot. Sucking wind on the hills is a real possibility. But that’s exactly why I got the smart trainer! It has definitely made a difference.