AT self evaluations - Outdoor vs Indoor

Without reopening the whole outdoor vs indoor FTP debate, how are those with significant differences evaluating their Adaptive Training workouts when training outdoors and indoors?

Indoors, the workouts challenge me more so i evaluate as Moderate/Hard etc, but outdoor they feel much easier. However if i mark them as easy, AT increases the difficulty of future workouts which would become too much when indoors.

Hopefully as winter gets into full swing it’ll be less of an issue as i’ll be indoors for all workouts. But just wondering if others are experiencing this?

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I am buying warm gloves and putting this problem off as long as I can. It’s a 10% swing for me and the breakthrough workouts look terrible indoors.

I was thinking more about this today. How do you do your ramp tests? I have always done them with resistance control turned on. I am wondering if it will be more akin to outdoor power if resistance control is turned off. Hopefully that will carry through to the workouts as well?

indoor in erg mode. Not sure how how a ramp test would turn out outdoors. I’d say a 20 minute test would be better suited, but still interesting to see if anyone does the ramp outdoors.