Assioma MTB Hack how do I know if my shoes will

If this has been asked and answered before, my apologies for bring it up again. Please just point me to the previous discussion.

I will be picking up my new gravel back in the next couple of days. After waiting 6 months, it finally arrived at the LBS late last week.

I would like to have a power meter on the bike, unfortunately there are no power meters for the stock crank set/arms. So, my choices are either hub or pedal, with pedal being the most portable.

I’ve given up on the X-Power. Been on the list since 2019, and not a pep. Every few months, I sign up again.

So, I’m thinking about getting a set of Assioma Duo and converting them to SPD.

However, before doing that, I would like to figure out if my shoes would need to be modified to provide clearance for the pod.

Is there any way to tell ahead of time, if the shoes would need to be modified? I have a pair of shoes similar to this and I’m thinking of getting this pair also. Are specific types of shoes more likely to need to be modified that others?

Thank you for your guidance.


Your first shoe won’t. The Shimano RX8 will, at least mine do. You need something with a narrow footprint. Many MTB shoes need to be trimmed, especially on the trail/comfort side.

If you go through the main thread there are mention of shoes.

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