Assioma Duo-Shi - long term reviews?

A question for any Assioma duo-shi users - how has your experience been? We’re coming up on 3 years since they were announced, so there are likely several of you who have used them for a while now. Have they been reliable or needed servicing/warranty followup from Favero?

If anyone has experience in using them close to or slightly over the official weight limit, I’d be interested in hearing about your experiences in particular (their max weight is 265 lbs and I’d be riding just under that).

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No problems with mine which are coming up to 2 years old. Periodically i give them some new Lithium grease which is a very easy and quick process. Having the right Q factor for me has got rid of some hip pain i was getting, which is the key benefit.

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Same here, I just regreased mine a few weeks ago. Would happily buy again.

Same here, faultless tbh