Arghhh ...having a hard time removing old layers of tubular glue

I’m in Europe, so I have to find equivalents of Vm&p Naphta, GooOff and such since you can’t buy them over here

this? as a spray/aerosol

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@Fenton These are what I was talking about earlier. I get them in them in the UK.

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see pictures, yes GT85. Seems dirt cheap at around £3 a can.

The polypipe I get from a plumbers merchants. The list price is silly, but ask for a discount and say it is for a bike and look helpless… and it becomes reasonable.

Also, looking at your photo, you managed to soften the glue, but not get it off. I used an old lollipop stick and the towel. the lollipop stick is ideal as it won’t scratch the wheel and can push the stuff off. An ordinary rag tends not to pick up the glue, which is why I use an old towel, which has a coarser surface and somewhere for the glue to adghere to.

I’ll be frank, putting a heat gun near carbon wheels never sounds like a good idea to me.

The trick is to let the GT85 soak for a while, and soften the glue, then attack it, pushing it forward to form balls that can be pulled off.

Good luck.

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thanks a ton :v: I’ll tackle it after the weekend and report back

I do that anyways :smiley:

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just to understand correctly, plastic pipe cleaner instead of Acetone?

@Fenton This Polypipe stuff IS neat acetone. It is sold as ABS & PVC plastic pipe cleaner, to get a clean pipe before you joint it with the similar cement product. Other plumbers merchants may have other brands.

DO NOT BUY the equivalent cement product! That melts the plastic (ABS & PVC) pipes and welds them together! probably not the best way to glue tubs on. :rofl:

Oh and keep lid on the polypipe (acetone) when not using it as it simply evaporates away otherwise.

Have you got to gluing on yet?

  1. I use conti glue for carbon rims and that has worked well ( and come off reasonably easily).
  2. Vittoria claim to have a new Mastic pro (not the old mastic pro!) that is for carbon and apparently water soluable, but I have never used it.

I found tape far easier to put on, but it has two problems:

  1. it is a pain in the proverbial to get teh gluw off afterwards.
  2. Aerocoach and others suggest that a taped on tub has worse rolling resistance (I think it was that) than a PROPERLY glued on tubular. To the extent that a glued on Tubular is almost as good as the more recent tubeless equivalents. I think it is about how the glue holds the whole width of the tub but check out their viveos on this.

I only use tape pre-attached to a spare old tub I carry when out on my training wheels. (But others swear by it). Horses/courses etc.

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again, thanks a ton :slight_smile:

actually I don’t bother too much about rolling resistance, since I don’t intend on racing with them (I use them on a cyclocross bike), should not have gone with latex tubes in retrospect (FMB)

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I’m not a tub person at all, but a mate of mine has rave reviews of that stuff, says it makes glueing tubes really easy and you can ride them the next day.

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If you can’t get the acetone, to clean the rims, don’t sweat it. It wil help, get teh glue off, but you can clean off the GT85 residue with meths probably as well.

Yes, the tubs debate is an interesting one. I am a TTer. Tubs allows me to but aero wheels quite cheaply relative to far more expensive Tubeless equivalents. Its a bit of a faff, and it would be nice to have tubeless compatible, just so I could more easily swap tyres for different race distances and road conditions, but its a marginal issue. (ie I would probably run clinchers with inner tubes). I go for slightly more robust tubs as I was doing 50m, 100m and 12 hr TTs on roads with potholes and ridges. I was happy to sacrifice a bit of speed for a long walk up a dual carriageway and a DNF. I am not fighting for a podium. Marginal convenience, and value for money, rather than marginal gain :slight_smile:

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I got Acetone here, it makes the residue it guey, but not to the point to easily rub it off

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holy shit, it worked!! used white spirits and let it soak for ~ 2hrs

thanks to all of you :v:


Patience is a virtue :slight_smile: Glad you got them sorted…

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Awesome. Looks like new

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Wow, nice job cleaning that up! Looks brand new!

I have nothing else useful to add here other than to celebrate having sold my tubular wheels after 15 years just this past weekend. Personally glad to be done with that pain in the ass/expense.

I’ll see myself out now. :grin:

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Love tubulars… but the worst part for sure is cleaning off old glue (if/when it’s needed). After spending the last several months playing with tubeless, I actually find it even more therapeutic to glue on some tubs.

Definitely job well done in cleaning off your rims - they look great! The new Mastik sounds interesting - but I’d also say that applying the “old” Mastik is no problem - and I usually have no issues riding the next day anyway :slight_smile:

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I can only recommend the technique mentioned above …old glue came off dead easy :slight_smile:

At the risk of being shot down in flames here , i will share my experiences. I acquired a set of old Aluminium wheels (20yrs+) that i suspect have not been cleaned of glue since they were new. I tried all the tried and tested methods to remove the years of build up, Acetone, hairdryer, scraper etc. without any noticeable effect. and i was about to give in and re-glue over the top. Then I read about a useful trick. you take an old tyre, in my case I used a 29in MTB tyre. you stand the wheel vertical in the tyre and pour a solvent into the tyre, over the rim to form a bath, and leave to soak. I initially tried soaking it in Acetone but this evaporated too quickly to have any real effect. So as a last result i tried petrol!!. Wow, what a result, after soaking for 1.5hours the glue had completely dissolved, leaving a perfectly clean rim without any further effort, so by rotating the rim through the petrol bath in the tyre, i had a rim as good as new. Now i wouldn’t recommend this for a carbon wheel. but for Aluminium it worked a treat

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figuratively or literally speaking? :slight_smile:

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Its lucky that i don’t smoke!

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