Are there any mere mortals on here?

Quick update (08/Aug/2023): I’ve finally had a new big bump in FTP from AI FTP Detection, after the first week of SS base LV from the 4th week of my new Granfondo Low Volume Plan. Got from 258w to 264w :slight_smile: I think AI FTP detection really isn’t a fan of polarized training but mainly these edge cases/outliers of updating the power meter treading from another device also really doesn’t help.

Anyway, I am obviously stocked about my new FTP increase bump and hope to continue doing even more progress from here on out. Aiming some national granfondo rides too in this and the next year already.

Here’s the updated graphs:

Sorry in advance if this is just TMI. I think there are many data geeks out there like me that might like this kind of data :slight_smile:


Elite Suito has known issues with power reading up to 20% lower. There are some good workarounds/solutions though:

I ride with a retired professional athlete (not cycling) sometimes. My watts/kg is higher than his, and so while I can beat him on smooth-ish (road or gravel) surfaces, he absolutely crushes me mountain biking.
I wouldn’t sweat the numbers - is it fun and contributing to health?


Nice excel sheet graphing your improvements!

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I’m so copying a couple of those graphs! Well, to be accurate I’m going to try to replicate them we shall see how good my pandas skills are!

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@lokerola and @firemunki, I’m glad you guys liked it. I’m happy to share it with you, no problem. Just please let me know of any improvements you find useful and nevermind some stuff being in portuguese :slight_smile:

Here you go:

note: it’s pretty simple just for me to keep track, so yeah, anytime I add some new row I have to update the graphs data input manually.

Hopefully someday we can have graphs like this on TR site as well. #ideas


Data Geeks UNITE! :smiling_face:


Sorry, I can’t seem to find the :heart: button so I just clicked :+1: :eyes: :grin:

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Nice spreadsheet. I’m late to the party here but definite mere mortal. In 2020 I was going fairly well - FTP of around 2.75 W/kg and improving, weight about 82-84kg. Fast forward a couple of years through several lockdowns and the demoralising aspects of same, plus at least 2 bouts of covid and weight had ballooned to 96kg (hello comfort eating) and FTP crashed to about 1.75 W/kg.

It’s come on steadily since starting back with TR just after Christmas and is now at 2.21 W/kg (just shy of moving from “Couch potato” to “Meh” in Garmin terms :sweat_smile:) weight is also coming down, so that’s helping. I had enough increase by June to get me over a nasty climb in a sportif that I’d had to abandon in April.

So, work in progress, but happy with the way things are going. I’m not aiming for any huge target - my primary aim being able to ride the types of sharp short climbs (and the not so short one) we have around here and have the endurance to do it up to the 150-200km mark (audax is a goal)


Haha, I remember when I started trainerroad a couple years back, I got into cycling when COVID hit and my FTP was 68 or something redonkulous. For sure it was below 100, which put me at around 1.5 Watts/Kg? :joy: I’m still not even at 3 watts/kg.

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I am at barely 3 w/kg right now and I doubt I’ll ever get back to my record 3,4 w/kg. I’m big so I’m fast in the flats and that’s good enough for me. I tested for Vo2Max of 56 five years ago, and now my Garmin says I’m at 46 :sob:

Mere mortal checking in. I’ve been on TR for 2 years now. Did a fair amount of recreational bike riding in my late teens, in addition to HS sports and the like.

In the 25 plus years since then, just couldn’t find a physical activity I could really enjoy (realize now with the gift of hindsight that endurance sports are my only hope – don’t like working in teams and hand eye coordination is not a strong point). Got a (modern era) bike in 2018 and just started riding.

Currently at 2.16 w/kg. FTP at 220. Goal is to someday reach 3 w/kg. Anything beyond that would be “cake” as far as I’m concerned.

Doing it for all the physical and mental health benefits, plus the equipment parts of the sport really scratch my mechanical itch. Have gotten to the point that I’ve serviced/repaired or adjusted every single component on my 2018 bike at some point or another.

Bought a new Cervelo Aspero on sale just a couple weeks ago. Looking forward to taking it out on the road next Spring. I live in Minnesota. It’s basement trainer season for me starting last week.


Is it possible that your initial FTP was too low because you didn’t know how to suffer? I’m always really interested in these massive improvements. For myself, my first power tests were after I’d been riding a bit, so might be why the gap from highest to lowest isn’t so significant.

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Another mere mortal here. I got interested in structured training after cycling around for a bit.
First ramp test got me to 2.9w/kg.

Two years later I am at 3.1w/kg (20min test), but I‘m also heavier. I went from 195w to 225w FTP, so no big gain.

However my endurance and stamina went way up. 4-6 hours on the bike are no problem, even at tempo/threshold for quite some time. Can still sprint hard after long days.

I don‘t understand how people can have these high FTP numbers - I will never get there. Or maybe I‘m training too much endurance and not enough <1h efforts. But then my sprints are quite good compared to my longer metrics (compared to population, e.g. 1min power of 6w/kg, 5.5w/kg in races/repeatable, but then my 20min power is in the lower percentiles).


When you figure out the answer regarding how to raise your FTP, please let me know. :joy:

In my own analysis, I’ve come to the conclusion that in order to raise my FTP noticeably, I’ll need to work on training consistency and training volume. I’ve been doing a TR LV plan for the past two seasons.

Think I need to go from 3-4 hours per week closer to 6-8, with a significant increase in Z2 rides.

That’s the plan, anyways.

Age is also a factor on the FTP ceiling.

I raced without power 25 years ago. Anway, with some known times (around an hour) up a mountain race (known elevation) I was able to model my FTP. I came up with 325 watts. I was in my late 20s and racing cat 4. I was probably riding 8-10 hours per week.

Fast forward to today (57 yo) and the highest I’ve been able to get my FTP is 250 watts after a build phase. It’s currently at 225 watts on 5 hours per week average.

I’m sure volume is a factor but I’m no longer willing to devote 10+ hours per week to cycling.


I think as long as you feel you’re getting stronger or feeling better, that’s all that matters.

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I think that I trained too much (or too intense) for quite some time. Now I am doing much better - when I am fresh and there is an all-out-effort I usually make a PR (if not already done recently) which is quite encouraging.

I’m not sure what the definition of mortal is but I’m assuming I fall into that category given I feel staggered when I see people talking about 4+w/kg and training 15-20hr per week, that is super human to me unless you’re a full time athlete!

I started back up cycling last summer buying an ebike so I could feasibly commute a few times a week, it’s 20mi each way so just over an hour with the ebike.

I used TR in the past many years ago but picked that back up again last year also mostly over the winter when commuting was off the cards.

This year I bought myself a road bike for weekend rides too.

So far I’ve gone from 135w last June to 185w last week, dropped a little weight too so currently 2.7w/kg, commuting will drop off in the next month or so once winter rolls in so then I can work more on the turbo properly and hopefully aim towards 3w/kg sometime next year.

Also I’ve gone from max longest ride of about 1.5hrs to 2.5hrs on the road. I think next year I’ll try and stretch that out towards 4hrs to complete a 100km ride?


You can definitely do a 100KM ride! Congrats on the great progress.

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