Are Over-unders Threshold workouts really, or rather VO2max?

I get the point you’re trying to make (and I agree with you), but re-read what he said. He said his bet was that TR found compliance higher for o/u’s than for steady threshold intervals, and therefore, that’s what they prescribe. He might personally find a 10 minute FTP interval daunting, which is a whole different conversation, but that’s not what he said.

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I’m going to use this thread as my validation for replacing o/u’s the next time they are in my plan. Right now I’m taking a run through the Polarized plans and those don’t seem to have o/u’s in them. Or at least the version of the polarized plan I’m doing does not.

Just so everyone is aware, the type of Threshold workouts that we prescribed to you (Hard Starts, Long Suprathreshold, Mixed Intervals, Over-Unders, Ramps, Sustained Power, w/Bursts, etc.) is determined by the specific details that make up your plan.

I was just recently prescribed Gray which is a 2x20 @ FTP workout, so you can definitely get some sustained work in if that’s what you’re after!


That’s a good point. I know you may opt for workout alternates with similar PL that might fit better to your preferences or circumstances. But l want to believe that TR prescribes you a particular workout type rather than others for a reason. The freedom we have to change workouts for alternates is a double edge sword. I’ve started many TR plans but didn’t finish anyone. I just kept changing workouts and ended up doing what l like to do. I want to believe that if TR prescribes me O/Us is because AI detects that l am week at those type of efforts (which is true!) and they will help me the most to accomplish my goal. Am l right?

Not necessarily, TR Plan Builder simply isn’t as fine-tunable as we may wish. For example, I entered 24h TT as goal event and PB generated plan with 40k TT specialty. Generated plan is good for real TT where you really balance at lactate threshold.

But for my goal, better approach might be instead reverse block periodisation VO2max → Threshold → Sweetspot → Z2, repeat. All this while keeping away from work that raises VLaMax. Plus I am not time-crunched, easily can push 20h/week, only limiter is recovery.

I am dreaming true AI plan builder with defining goal as statements like "24h solo ride on flats with 5min hills " or something like this :drooling_face:

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@svens someday! :wink:

@Jose_Manuel TR is prescribing you the workouts that fit your current capabilities and also fall in line with the discipline of your plan.

As @svens mentioned, our 40k TT plan will prescribe workouts that replicate that type of sustained effort at lactate threshold in order to build those specific systems up for your target event. AT won’t suggest over-unders in this case because that’s not necessarily the best training stimulus to perform well in a 40k TT.

The discipline of your plan (Rolling Road Race, Gran Fondo, Cyclocross, etc.) will have certain guidelines as to what types of workouts are best for preparing you for that specific type of effort. From there, your Progression Levels come into play when looking for the workout that’s just right. :ok_hand: