Anyone with BRAN experience?

I’m excited to do BRAN in June, followed by RAGBRAI in July!

Anyone here have experience with BRAN? It looks like it’s a lot less crowded than RAGBRAI. Some towns have less than 800 people! Pork Belly is providing showers, tents, etc!

I like Corn Bran, but it’s hard to find these days. Original Puffins are a suitable replacement.

Not a fan of Raisin Bran.

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I don’t know what route they’re taking but I did ride from…like, maybe Valentine? to tahazooka park one day. On the Cowboy trail. It was delightful but a long ole day.

Not a single hill. But gently down hill the whole, darn, way. :smiley: Very unique ride. Well worth the experience.

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I did it three times back in the late 80s / early 90s when I was in high school. Having just taken a quick look at their website, it appears that the general vibe is still the same. They keep the group relatively small (capped at 600) so it’s not quite as ‘crowded’ as RAGBRAI. If you like camping and that whole bit, it’s a fun time. Plus, it’s a great way to explore small town life in parts of Nebraska that you’ll likely never experience otherwise (I grew up in Omaha, FYI). But be aware that it’s definitely a structured ride, not a competitive race by any stretch. Not saying that individual riders don’t want to go fast, but the whole event has a pretty ‘relaxed’ pace to it.

If you’re not from this part of the US, I’d encourage you to enjoy it for what it is.

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LOL I like raisin bran but it has too much sugar in it.

I’m really excited that it’s not as crowded as RAGBRAI.

It’s the southern route this year. I won’t miss hills, but I sure hope we have a tailwind – and not a headwind. I’ve been looking at the weather and it’s a lot cooler than here in Texas. And the wind blows consistently at 20 mph every day – all day! I just did the MS 150 from Austin to College Station and I felt so sorry for the Houston riders with those horrible headwinds.

Life gets windy out on the open prairie.

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