Anyone using Selle SMP?


Anyone using Selle SMP Italia? I am planing to have one for upcoming Stelvio climb.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.


Have used a Selle SMP Dynamic for a few years and it is super comfortable once properly adjusted. They seem very sensitive to angle but once dialled in no issues allowing me to sit upright or chewing the stem without crsuhing the undercarriage. Main problem is they are super expensive and heavy for the money you are paying.

I have swapped my dynamic for Fizik Arione R1 Versus Evo to drop some weight (100gm ish). Still not 100% convinced the Fizik is as comfortable but I have done 156 mile, 220 mile and 215 mile days back to back on it and although I was sore by the end of the third day it wasn’t a show stopper.

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Have used SMP’s for several years. Currently on the SMP Dynamic and love it.


Drakon here, I put the nose down a bit probably close to -10mm:

and fit is perfect for everything from short races to Merckx class time trials to 10+ hour days. From what I read just now its between Dynamic and Lite. Got back into road biking 3+ years ago and my fitter had me try different saddles. Ended up on Drakon and very happy. Recently tried a Specialized Power Arc Expert but it was slightly too wide in the middle and rubbing legs.


I’ve got both the Lite and Dynamic on my bikes. It’s been THE only saddle that doesn’t give me numbness in the nether region. I love how they lock me in, and my body remembers the exact position every single time.

Expensive, yes. But totally worth not having discomfort. You might also find some used ones on eBay. I’ve snagged a few backups that way.


I have beeen cycling for over 40 years and went from the Fizik Areon to the SMP Drakon because I was getting some numbness from the Areon. SMP saddles take time to get setup - be prepared to do lot’s of adjustments to get it right. The SMP saddle cups your sit-bones and disperses the pressure over the concave portion of the saddle as opposed to just putting pressure on the top where the sit-bones rest. So it is really important to the tilt of the saddle set so that the saddle is supporting the whole cup of your sit-bones . I had dialed in the SMP for several months before going on a two week group tour - after riding over 500 miles in 5 days the back portion of my sit-bones was tender . So I tilted the nose of the saddle up about 6mm above level and for me it has been perfect ever since :slight_smile: Bottom line: it may take a long time to dial the SMP saddle in , but once you get it dialed it is the best saddle I have ridden ( for me) - and I have a box of at least 10 other saddles that I have tried…


Well Gel here on my Audax bike. Love it.

Yes, and my Dad too. Good seats.

Thank you for all the responses. really helpful