Anyone own Powertap P1 pedals?

Do they work well with trainer road?

Any issues I should know about?

You don’t get dual sided power over Bluetooth, but they work great.

I own a pair and have used them on trainerroad but I actually prefer to just use the kickr core without those pedals and keep them on my outside bike.
It just seemed easier just using the kickr for power instead of using powermatch where there is a little lag. My kickr was always within a few watts anyway…it tends to read a little higher on the whole…after an hour the p1 averaged 172w while the kickr did 176w. (98% accuracy)
But they do work to answer your question.

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I love mine. No problems at all.
The L/R power balance is always 50/50 or 51/49 so when I needed another one, I just got the P1s which I recommend unless you’re super keen on getting power from both sides.

Best deal ever for P1 pedals?

I have had P1’s since they were first launched, they had an initial reported issue’s with battery covers leaking water, these were upgraded and replaced (the covers) free of charge - i had no such issues though using in Summer and Winter. I had one pedal stop communicating, which happened at the same time as bottom bracket replacement, so whilst i can and would not blame the LBS I think it was just too much coincidence, Power Tap replaced them both within warranty…

Power accuracy reports suggest they are bang on, i have a weakness in my left hip which shows on Watt Bike tests and on the P1 data via Garmin, 47 / 53 split which i am working to address a little.

Super easy to calibrate via head unit prior to each ride, battery life great, note you should use lithium battery’s so buy a bunch on-line.

I really pleased with them, the only thing to bare in mind are the cleats, they are not KEO or Shimano compatible… I buy replacements from Sigma Sports in UK as cheaper than Powertap direc

Been using P1S for a few years, only problem so far has been battery failure - AAA lithium’s.

P1s here. They have a pretty high stack height and only take keo style cleats. Not to everyone’s liking. Had no issues with mine at all. They just work.

I have V1. I still love them, tried vector 3 and am still waiting for brand new mother board due to insane power drop outs.