Anyone know what "Cambio Post" means?

I’m shopping for some bike parts, and have come across some rear derailleurs with the term “Cambio Post” in the description, but can’t find anything on the internet explaining what that means? I’ve seen DA 9100 rear derailleurs that have the term and some that don’t. But again, no google search reveals what this means. Maybe I’m dumb… but does anyone know?

Can you share a link to one of these? I wonder if it’s a language translation issue (related to component naming) more than anything?

Per the official Shimano page, my guess is related to the “Mount_Direct attachment (Conventional)” detail, but that that’s a wild guess.

“rear gearbox” — in the most literal translation from Italian. Cambio = gear. Post = posterieur (rear)

It really means rear derallieur in our cycling world though.


Here’s an example. I cannot see any functional or physical difference between these two listings… yet they are different prices and the second one has “Cambio Mount” in the title.

Dura-Ace RD-R9100

Dura-Ace RD-R9100 Cambio Mount

Oh. So there is no difference? One is just being sold in the UK, and the other in the US?

Yeah, seems to be essentially the same. The Part Number listed in the Tech Deets below is nearly identical, with one letter different. Some other difference in the Year and such.

What’s odd is that they both appear to be from the official Shimano store, so not sure why there are the differences in those details. But I think you are getting the “same” derailleur with either link.

Ok. Thanks. Yes, I, too, thought the price disparity was strange. But I suspect they’re coming from different amazon sellers.