Anyone have a good suggestion for a TR workout to do the day before a RR?

I in the middle of General Build HV part 1 and want to do a 2.5 hour RR on a Sunday. The race is not a priority for me, but I would like to be fresh enough to help out my teammates. The schedule for Saturday is McAdie +1 (90 min, 119 TSS, .89 IF) and for Sunday would have been Spruce Knob +3 (120 min, 130 TSS, .81 IF). I’ve already had two interval workouts this week, so I am wondering if I should do Spruce Knob on Saturday instead, stick with McAdie, or do a different workout.



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Truuli (or minus 1 version etc).always gets my vote


I just did this custom version of Basin -5 (extended warm-up and just 2 ramp intervals instead of 3).

I’ll let you know how my race goes tomorrow!

I would take a different tack to the answers above and ask yourself which workout, when combined with the likely TSS and demands of the RR, is going to give you a total training stimulus for the weekend which most closely resembles what was on the plan?

Don’t worry about freshness, if you’re fit enough to do the 2 scheduled workouts (which both have a lot of quality work) back to back then you’re fit enough to do one of them and still make a big contribution to the team the next day. What kind of RR is it and what kind of role would you have? Would you need to work hard throughout the 2.5 hours or would there be large chunks where you can spin along? Do you have any control over your contribution? E.g. If you have the freedom to do so, you could basically replicate McAdie by spending ~48 minutes doing threshold work at the front of the pack to discourage or chase breaks, and spin easy in the pack the rest of the time. In which case do Spruce Knob on the Saturday, or a similar but shorter workout to reflect the extra time in the saddle on Sunday.

just do some openers, assuming you took the day before this one OFF.

1 hour total ride, 5 x 30s @ 120% FTP, recover 60-90 between.

You’re not going out to thrash it, but just stay loose and open the legs up.

Good luck!

Race Report: Ouch, my legs.

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I was chasing / discouraging breaks today. It was over and it was under, but it certainly wasn’t over/unders!