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I’m asking on here more in hope than expectation but has anybody in the UK imported a power meter from Europe since Bexit. I’m thinking of getting a Power2max one and want to know if there will be any import duties to pay on it on top of the UK Vat and handling fee which I know I would have to pay. I can’t seem to be able to make Power2max understand the difference between the VAT and import duties and consequently they have not been much use.

Where do they build them? If they manufacture in the EU I think it is only VAT, if it’s outside, there’s import duties too. Not sure if they’d fall under “bike parts” regarding customs classification?

There is a lot of confusion about customs duty as a result of us leaving the EU and as a result many people have been caught with customs duties as well as VAT SOME products. Nobody seems to know definitely that’s why I’d like to hear from someone who has actually done it. The product will have a classification code on the documentation and that code determines the amount, if any, of duty. Are they classified as bike parts electronic components it what? Nobody seems to know.

If a product is wholly made in the EU, you still don’t pay customs duty, if you import it into the UK. But if all, or a certain amount of parts of it, were made in non-EU country, you pay customs.

Power2max say their powermeters are “handcrafted in Germany”, so maybe they do actually produce in Germany? If that’s the case, you will only pay UK VAT (instead of German VAT). Maybe the question to ask them is if their powermeters count as manufactured in the EU under the EU’s “rules of origin”.

Thanks. That’s really good advice. I’ll be getting in touch with them after the weekend.

Here’s the guidance… :thinking:

And have a read down this thread there’s a suggestion that VAT will be 20% on top of the cost of goods and shipping.

There’s some examples…


There is also a question about Power2max on weight weenies post Brexit that you may want to check out unless you posted it. :grin:

Seems all in the better option may be to buy from a UK source.

Friend bought a P2M recently and it arrived with nothing to pay… and he didn’t pay the German VAT at ourchase either, so got a bloody bargain!

I really think its a roll of the dice though. Good luck and be prepared to pay is probably the best idea. If you don’t then you win!

Thanks. The Devil is , however, in the detail in that you need to know how a power meter is classified. And that isn’t as simple as it appears


I agree but I can’t find a non pedal based 2 sided system that in the UK at a comparable cost that will fit my preferred 48/32 chain rings

I bought recently the SRM X-POWER pedals. I was in the waiting list and it was my turn in mid Jan :exploding_head:

Anyways I decided to send them to a friend in Europe and wait for him to travel to the UK - a whole 6 month waiting. But with the initial price tag I didn’t want any surprises. Specifically at the beginning when there was a lot more confusion.

OTOH I had to by a small bike part <£135 and it was easier to by from the USA via ebay (they are enrolled in a tax scheme for low value parts).

It depends how urgent it is for you and the chances you are willing to take. You could also travel to a country in the green list and do a mini break. Not cheaper but better use of your money.

I bought a meter from power2max in April this year, they have a good process set up for dealing with getting stuff into the UK.

The purchase price as per their site for mine would have been about €700, NG eco meter, power2max branded cranks plus accuracy upgrade and extra battery covers. However once you start the process of the purchase, set up an account etc & input your address you only pay net price (no vat) to power2max. They leave ups to deal with the vat and any duties which is fair enough. So once you have the ups shipping reference you then request all updates for the movements of your parcel. You will then be mailed once ups have worked out the total costs of UK vat plus any duties, in my case about £120. You pay ups on line and that clears your meter to move through the delivery chain. Print that receipt if you can for evidence of payment if ups ask for it on delivery. Total process took just over a week from initial purchase to meter arrival. Given our current situation I thought that was really good.

I asked the same thing to Favero and this was their reply.

“The customs tariff code that we use for Assioma is 87149610”

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That sounds like you only paid VAT (140 euro so approx £120?), which would mean they actually manufacture in the EU.

Regarding VAT - if you buy something over £135 in the EU, you don’t pay the VAT of the country it comes from, but British VAT, which will usually be invoiced by the courier company. (If it’s under £135, you still pay VAT in the country of origin, and not in the UK.)

Power2max manufacture in Germany. To be honest I never checked if that was just vat or vat + duty.

That’s fantastic info, just what I was looking for. Looking at the figures it does indeed look like you were only charged UK VAT (after having had the the German VAT knocked off) and the handling fee from UPS. Thanks, I’ll pull the trigger on Monday.

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This was the same for me too

EU manufactured, so no additional payments except UK VAT and any carrier handling fee.

The P2M website will remove the German VAT from your purchase once they know it’s a UK Destination.

Thanks all. Ordered it a couple of days ago. Apparently it’s with UPS so I’m expecting their invoice for their fee and the VAT any time soon

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